The Art

I love the abstract process, using colors, shapes and forms to inspire in the moment of creating. And just let things happen without too much control.  

living-room-2I paint with acrylics, and mainly with fingers and miscellaneous tools, building layer by layer and reacting to each dab and smear. As a form or shape or pattern appears that looks interesting and has potential, I'll start to transform it to see where it goes. Often this results in losing the original interesting bits and pieces and so the process starts anew! 

When adding layers I'll either add new color over wet paint or may wait for this to dry before adding more color. Both processes are exciting as I never know quite what I'm going to get and it's in the adding of layers that I have the most fun with the tools!

The Artist

My name is Liz Skelton. I am a Canadian artist, born and raised in South Africa, now living in Waterloo Ontario.

I have always been interested in art; as a teenager drawing mystical figures and then as a young stay-at-home mom where I found a passion for pottery. This passion turned into a thriving business and for 12 years I sold my pottery at local Cape Town markets, exporting to several out of country venues and participating in a regional ceramics art exhibition. I stopped potting and sold the business when the family immigrated to Canada in 1997.

Several years later I attended art classes presented by local Canadian artists at The Button Factory in Waterloo. These triggered a new direction for my artistic passion. I started exploring color and as a self-taught artist I am continually inspired by various shapes and forms, the vitality and vividness of color and the optimism it portrays. As an abstract artist I love to experiment with new techniques, creating different textures, shapes and movement using acrylics.


The How and The Where

I use 100% natural cotton canvases mounted on wood frames. All frames are gallery-quality with profiles of 1.5" and 1.75". Some smaller pieces may have profiles of less than 1.5" and this is reflected in the file name.

Canvas-specsSizes range from 12" x 12" to 48" x 72".  Some have been created in the triptych format (three panels side by side) although they can also stand alone or be in a two-piece set.

The art is painted with artist-quality acrylics bought from mainstream art supply stores. Sometimes I experiment by using oils over acrylics although acrylics are still my favorite medium.



My studio is, well, the result of being creative with very little space. I paint in a single car garage which is shared with my Smart car. Every little bit of usable space is functional so although the studio is no more than 8 feet x 9 feet, I can work large canvases.

I love tools! I'm always scrounging around second-hand stores looking for implements that can create weird and wonderful texture. These range from kitchen gadgets to garden implements, to raiding my husband's tool supplies!